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What is a fiend? \ˈfēnd \
A fiend is a person extremely devoted to a pursuit or study. 

At Bearded Fiends we are passionate about life. In modern society life can be fragmented, and disconnected. Bearded Fiends is about creating a community centered around bearded mens of all cultures. 

Whether your into: cars, motorcycles, tattoos or all the above. The mission is to believe in something, and be passionate about it. So be a bearded fiend and look like a bad ass doing it. 

Bearded Fiends 7 Pillars - Code of Conduct:

Familia - Family. Love your family. 
Quantum - Respect. Respect yourself and others. Respect isn't natural it must be purposeful and earned. 
Viribus - Strength. Be mentally and physically strong. 
Mortale - Mortal. Death is the only thing that is certain so start living.  
Disciplinam - Discipline. Through discipline character is forged. 
Integritas - Integrity. Without integrity a man is nothing. 
Cognitionis - Knowledge. Pursue knowledge in all your endeavors for knowledge is power.

Bearded Fiends Main Logo Explained:

The points around design emblatizes North, East, South, and West. They embody a sense of direction and purpose. 

Cutlasses represent justice, strength, and confidence. One should only take severe action as a last resort.

Skull symbolizes mortality. 

Black represents death and darkness.

White represents life and light.

Virilter Agite Estote Fortes translated from latin means Act Manfully Be Strong.

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